Guiding Shoppers to Healthy Solutions

January 8, 2018

After the indulgences of the holiday season, many consumers enter the new year looking to reset and get back to healthier habits—even if they don’t make official resolutions about them. Sales Advisors are in the perfect position to help shoppers find healthy solutions throughout the store.

One big area of focus for many shoppers this time of year is getting away from the heavy, sugar-laden foods of the holidays. The produce department is naturally where their thoughts may go, but Sales Advisors can help broaden their horizons by pointing out the range of lighter fresh and fresh-prepared foods available throughout the store. For example, encourage shoppers to explore the seafood and deli departments for quick and delicious dinner options. Or point them to the dairy section for healthy snacks on-the-go (think low-fat yogurt, smoothies and snack-size cheeses).

Sales Advisors can also help shoppers find smart swaps for less-healthy favorites. For example, encourage shoppers to try spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles in place of pasta, and tofu crumbles or lean ground turkey or chicken in place of beef. When it comes to carbs, point out that shoppers don’t have to give them up completely. They can make smarter choices by switching from bagels to English muffins, flour tortillas to corn, and cinnamon rolls to whole-grain cinnamon raisin bread, for example.

For shoppers also looking to boost their fitness or overall health in the new year, Sales Advisors can also point out non-food products in the store that can help support those goals. For example, B vitamins and Coenzyme Q12 may help improve energy, while protein can help support muscle growth.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t take a nutrition expert to point shoppers in the direction of healthier choices. Sales Advisors can make a big difference simply by encouraging shoppers take advantage of the range of in-store offerings and services available. They can help shoppers think outside the “diet food” box and find unexpected solutions throughout the store.