SAS Retail Services Proves Persistence Pays Off with Official Launch of Walmart Program

March 4, 2018

What started out as a unique and different business model for SAS Retail Services in late 2017 has now become a bona fide program with over 200 suppliers and thousands of SAS Retail Services associates delivering in-store services across Walmart stores nationwide.

The chance to work with one of the world’s leading retailers came about when Walmart went from having over 70 vendors executing merchandising activities in their stores down to only five Preferred Service Providers (PSPs). Despite stiff competition and having no prior in-store experience with Walmart, SAS Retail Services wowed the leadership team with their proposal and was chosen as one of the five PSPs in late July of 2017.

The new program brought opportunities for SAS Retail Services, particularly as they looked to shift their traditional partnership focus from retailer-specific to working directly with suppliers. As SAS Retail Services President Michael Bellman said, “you can solicit suppliers but suppliers still have to hire you.”

Despite the new approach to business, the SAS Retail Services team charged ahead and in the span of three months had over 200 meetings with suppliers. Internally, an operations team formed and a cross functional team helped to onboard thousands of associates to be certified in time for the February 1, 2018 launch date.

“Every business win is exciting and important. This one is special given the short time and new approach to business we had to tackle before the launch,” said Michael Hankins, SAS Retail Services Executive Vice President, who oversees the Walmart program. “I’m extremely grateful to everyone for doing their best to get us here and I look forward to seeing the results.”

If all of the hard work and perseverance that’s gone into the program to date is any indicator, it seems all but a sure bet the program will continue to bring success for both SAS Retail Services and its Walmart supplier partners.

To learn more about SAS Retail Services Walmart PSP program or other services, contact Michael Bellman, President of SAS Retail Services, at