New Space Management Partnership Helps Price Chopper Respond to Changing Market

November 3, 2017

The SAS Space Management team at Price Chopper works as a dedicated partner to help the retailer improve sales and customer retention.


Getting products on the shelves in the spots they’re slated to be in seems like a fundamentally important task, right? But what’s the point if those spots aren’t really in a retailer’s best interest? That’s the question many retailers who rely on their trade partners increasingly grapple with—and that Daymon’s retail execution team, SAS Retail Services (SAS), can solve.

Case in point—earlier this year, SAS expanded its partnership with Northeast grocery retailer Price Chopper to include a full-time Space Management team, as part of its dedicated in-store execution program. “Before, Price Chopper relied on its trade partners for planogram support, but plans were often written with a bias toward the national brands the trade partner represented. As a result, there was never a focus on Own Brands for the retailer to help promote its own name and label,” says Kathi Caruso, Program Director for SAS.

With private brands increasingly becoming a key point of differentiation, this was an important focus area for the retailer. SAS’ new Space Management team built a new development and planning process in partnership with Price Chopper’s management and senior leadership, along with Nielsen analysts, vendors and trade partners. “Our team is involved from the start, so we are able to hear all parties’ recommendations for the category and then present an unbiased space management recommendation, where our main focus is on Own Brand presence, category/item space to sales, and industry trends and data analysis,” says Caruso.

The Space Management team also works directly with the SAS Merchandising team, who is responsible for all in-store execution services at Price Chopper. “Overall, there is a combined synergy from these teams working together,” she says.

Increased communication has improved the quality of planograms and the resets as both teams now are able to see a category reset from ‘soup to nuts,’ while keeping the retailer’s best interest in mind. “Because of this seamless communication, we are able to react in a timely manner to issues in the field. Furthermore, working together we are also able to gain and act on feedback from both of our teams to invoke more progressive solutions for the retailer.”

With 10 months now under their belts, the SAS Space Management team at Price Chopper has been receiving nothing but positive feedback from the retailer. One Category Manager noted after a recent meeting, “The information [provided by the SAS Space Management team] was the missing piece I have needed to make the right decisions for my category! You are exceeding our expectations.”

“Our team has done an outstanding job of developing best practices, improving on internal and external processes, and delivering analytical data to improve Price Chopper’s sales and focus on customer retention,” says Caruso. “I am beyond thrilled with their achievements so far, and with the leadership of their Space Management Manager, Melissa McCleery, I have no doubt this is just the beginning of amazing things to come!”

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