Cultivating a Culture of Excellence—An Inside Look at the Success of SAS Retail Services

December 4, 2017

Well before the sun rises, dedicated teams of retail merchandisers descend on thousands of stores across the country to add new items to the shelves, remove discontinued products, rotate stock and otherwise help ensure your experience at the shelf is as good as it can be. If you visit the store early in the day, you might even see one of them hard at work on the sales floor—where they’ll be happy to help you find a product or answer your questions. And even though some of them have been up since as early as 2 a.m., it’s all done with a smile.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this scenario? These merchandisers aren’t actually employees of the store you’re visiting. At a growing number of retailers, they’re associates of SAS Retail Services, Daymon’s retail execution team. But they’re just as dedicated to the success of the retailer and to creating the best shopping experience for consumers as any other retailer employee.

Take Lead Merchandiser Ashley Salgado. She began as a part-time merchandiser for SAS Retail Services three years ago and has since worked her way up to a full-time Lead. The strategies she credits for helping her advance her career include being reliable, taking the job seriously and making an effort to exceed expectations. Those may seem simple on the surface, but when it comes down to it—isn’t that what shoppers are expecting from retailers today? (We’d give that a resounding “YES!”)

Salgado explains that going the extra mile for the retailer and the customer is an aspect of her job that she finds both enjoyable and rewarding. “Store managers notice and appreciate when we make their sets look clean and new, which [in turn] makes me feel valued,” she says. “I also enjoy helping customers find things because I get to learn about new products that way, too. I feel like I learn something new every day. And customers are always happy when we help them.”

Similar stories abound throughout the company, like that of Alonso Garcia, who began as a part-time merchandiser with SAS Retail Services 17 years ago and is now a Senior Vice President for one of the company’s largest accounts. SAS Retail Services employees have a commitment to excellence that drives their own success, as well as the company’s.

“People are the core of SAS Retail Services,” says Michael Bellman, President of the company. “The quality of our associates, the way we train, educate and onboard them—it all makes the difference. It’s what gives us the advantage in delivering the best merchandising services for our retail and supplier partners, no matter what their needs are.”

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