Helping Manufacturers Expand Their Reach

January 8, 2018

In late 2017, Kyle Patterson joined the Daymon team as Vice President of National Coverage. In this new role, he is responsible for leading Daymon’s Client Services team, dedicated to helping manufacturer partners optimize and expand their reach across the country. We sat down with Patterson to learn more about his focus for the Client Services team and Daymon’s National Coverage service in 2018.

Vice President of National Coverage

RNI: Welcome to the team! Can you tell us a little bit more about your background prior to joining Daymon?

KP: For the past 12 years, I oversaw the Convenience, Client Development and Business Development units of Acosta Sales and Marketing. During that time, I worked with a range of manufacturers, with a focus on managing client relationships and executing their strategic selling objectives across all U.S. channels of trade. What I think makes me well suited to this new role is my experience in new business development and optimizing organizational design based on individual client’s needs. In my previous roles, I would often work with manufacturers to better understand how they were structured and then offer ideas to optimize their SG&A [selling, general and administrative] spend, allowing them to be more competitive in the marketplace.

RNI: Beyond optimizing SG&A, what other benefits do you think there are for manufacturers who partner with Daymon on National Coverage?

KP: First and foremost is the benefit of our expertise in private brands. We truly are the private brand experts and can act as an extension of a manufacturer’s salesforce to deliver results. The second piece is scale. A manufacturer may have a few associates charged with flying around the country, which without local talent, is a bit of an inefficient model. At Daymon, we have regional teams and personnel across the country that can focus on significantly fewer customers, who they can truly get to know and visit regularly. That delivers cost-savings, customer intimacy, productivity improvements and a number of other value-adds by consolidating services with a primary agency.

RNI: What are your goals for the Client Services team in 2018?

KP: Beyond ensuring every dollar spent with Daymon feels like a good investment, we’re really focused on expanding our National Coverage platform and working with more manufacturers to help them understand what the service is, where it has application and how it can benefit them. I invite anyone who might be interested to get the conversation started by emailing me at