Building a Successful Workforce from the Inside Out

November 3, 2017

As the popularity of the dedicated retail merchandising model continues to grow, Daymon’s retail execution team, SAS Retail Services (SAS), has likewise been growing in leaps and bounds—adding hundreds of new positions in the last few months alone. That’s kept Thea Arnone, Director of Recruiting for SAS, hard at work finding the right talent to fill those positions. One place Arnone and her team always look to recruit? Right within the company. We sat down with Arnone to find out more about recruiting talent and SAS’ focus on associate development.

RNI: SAS has a reputation for promoting from within. Can you tell me a little bit more about the strategies you use to develop internal associates?

TA: As an organization, I think we do a good job in advertising our career opportunities to internal associates. When we get a request from a hiring manager to create a requisition, it’s part of our process to ask if the manager is considering any internal associates for the role. Also, for full-time associates who qualify, we offer partial tuition reimbursement for job-related courses or degrees.

RNI: Why is employee development such an important area of focus for SAS?

TA: Employee development is key to retaining our talent and training future leaders of the organization. I am so proud to work with leaders who have accomplished career milestones at SAS. They, in turn, are able to provide mentorship opportunities and invaluable coaching to promising associates.

RNI: Do you think there could be similar benefits for retailers and brands who work to develop their employees?

TA: Yes. I believe that employee development can help elevate or improve a brand. I have seen and worked with leaders who “grew up” at SAS and their continued success is a testament to the core of employee development. I highly encourage every company that has the resources to explore employee development initiatives. The key component is to listen to your employees and understand their wants and needs.