Shining the Spotlight on Private Brands

March 4, 2018

It’s no secret that private brands have shed their reputation as second-best national brand equivalents. In fact, more and more retailers are using their private brands to innovate and differentiate. But success isn’t found in simply putting new and different products on the shelf. To truly set themselves apart from the competition, retailers need to promote their private brands and sell consumers on their value, quality and uniqueness.

“By definition, private brand is something that can only be offered by one particular retailer. But if a new product is just put on a shelf, customers don’t necessarily know that it’s made by the retailer. In order to get credit for the innovative flavors and products they’re creating and have consumers embrace them, retailers need to get the word out—and experiential marketing is one of the best ways to do that,” says Ryan Dee, Creative Director for Daymon’s consumer experiential marketing team.

A regional grocer in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic showcased the launch of its private brand cereal with fun events including a “BOWL-ing” league and mix-and-match cereal bar.


Experiential marketing events are a proven solution for raising awareness and driving sales lift—allowing consumers to try out new products and learn about their unique attributes first hand from a knowledgeable Brand Ambassador. “Because events are often fun and unexpected, they can also help create lasting brand memories,” adds Dee.

By way of example, he points to a series of private brand events the Daymon consumer experience marketing team executed for a regional grocery retailer in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. The retailer was launching a new line of private brand breakfast cereals and looking for a way to generate buzz and help educate consumers about them. To help capitalize on the fun cereal flavors and create a nostalgic nod to Saturday mornings spent eating cereal and watching cartoons, the Daymon team created two different types of events.

The first was a 1950s-inspired cereal “BOWL-ing” league, set up right in the aisle of select stores. Customers were invited to try their hand at a cereal-inspired cornhole game, where winners would receive a branded cereal spoon that changed color when dunked in milk. The second event was a mix-and-match cereal bar, where customers were invited to create their own favorite mix of the retailer’s five new private brand cereal flavors.

“The events were not only fun, but they were a complete surprise for consumers. Creating that sense of surprise and delight—it helps make an event more memorable and can even convert shoppers who might previously have been loyal to a national brand,” says Dee.

“In addition to hosting in-person events to promote their private brands, retailers can also utilize social media to help set their products apart,” says Brittney Duke, Marketing Coordinator for Daymon. “A lot of the national brands are putting money into social. Retailers tend to be more conservative with their private brands, but making them fun and exciting online gives another point of contact to prove they have credibility,” she explains.

For retailers who aren’t used to promoting their private brands in these ways, the prospect of developing experiential campaigns may seem daunting—from both a logistical and cost perspective. But Dee points out that they don’t have to go it alone. “If a retailer has never done anything like this before, it’s best to reach out to an agency, who can advise on what approaches might work best for the product and the target audience,” he explains. An agency can also help a retailer test out and refine their approaches—both online and off—to make sure they hit the right mark.

“Cost is always a valid concern,” Dee continues. “But I challenge retailers to think about it this way: you might be able to do a coupon or price reduction and get the sale, but did you get a lifetime consumer? Or just a quick sales lift? If you do an event and you are positively engaging with consumers, you can convince them that your product is better and convert them to your product—potentially for life.”

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