Delivering Differentiated Experiences Around the Globe

December 4, 2017

If you’ve seen one in-store demo, you’ve seen them all, right? That’s a common misconception. The truth is, the only limit to creating innovative and differentiated in-store events is one’s imagination—a fact Daymon’s International team is actively working to clarify with CPG brands and suppliers in Portugal. Since 2014, the Daymon International team has been in charge of a consumer experience marketing program there for supermarket chain Pingo Doce, a banner of Jerónimo Martins.

Prior to the Daymon program’s launch, CPG brands in Portugal were familiar only with the simplest form of in-store demonstration, which usually consisted of a person handing out a sample. Thanks to the creativity and ingenuity of Daymon’s International team, shoppers and retailers alike are coming to see a whole new world of possibilities—from cooking demonstrations and wine tastings, to in-store hair styling and dental care events.

Not only are the events Daymon executes in Portugal unique, so is the model of the program itself. “At Pingo Doce, we at Daymon are responsible for dealing directly with the suppliers, not the retailer, which is different from most of Daymon’s programs in the United States,” explains Rita Correia Silva, Senior Business Manager for Daymon. It’s also different from how demonstrations are run for most other retailers in Portugal, where suppliers are represented directly by their own marketing agencies.

These differences, however, have proven to be advantages for Daymon. Once suppliers experience the level of service and differentiated in-store experience the Daymon team provides, Silva says they are quickly convinced of the benefits. “The impact of our events are always very good, which makes it is much easier to work with suppliers to host more events going forward.”

Another factor weighing in the Daymon team’s favor is its flexibility. Because they work on behalf of the supplier, they can adapt the size, type and even location of events to meet each supplier’s individual needs. What this means, says Silva, is that “every week is different. Sometimes we have demonstrations in 20 stores with 20 Sales Advisors. Other times we implement demonstrations in 60 stores with three Sales Advisors per store. This requires us to have full flexibility in terms of logistical development and implementation, as well as HR and management capabilities.”

The ultimate proof of the program’s success is in the numbers. In 2014, the team began with just two managers and six Sales Advisors hosting events in six Pingo Doce stores in Lisbon. That first year, the small but dedicated team executed around 1,260 in-store events. Today, the team has grown to over 100 Sales Advisors and a dozen support team members, executing over 6,500 annual events in more 100 stores throughout the country.

“Our team has worked hard to create and execute events that make the in-store experience more exciting—and different from other retailers,” says Silva. “We are proud of the service we are able to provide and the results we achieve every day are the most valuable recognition that we can have from our clients.”

To learn more about Daymon’s International consumer experience marketing services, contact Alexandre Mendes, Vice President of International, at a