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Winning in Center Store – How to prioritize for success in 2020 and beyond

After years of stagnant growth and lack of innovation in center store, it’s time to reinvent and prioritize your largest business for the future by leveraging three key focus areas for success in 2020 and beyond.

As we look back on our industry over the years, center store has been hit hard by the loss of selling space and ongoing expansion of fresh departments.  More recently, center store is on an upswing and is starting to witness a revival as retailers acknowledge that it must be a critical area of focus to ensure long-term sustainable growth.

Our latest report reveals a roadmap for success, highlighting three areas that will drive change and give you the tools to lead in center store.

  • Upping the Ante on Private Brand Curation & Innovation
    Elevating your Private Brand programs is more critical than ever to success in center store.  Do you have a defined plan for innovation?   To win, you must take risks and commit to a culture of innovation to get ahead.
  • Treating your Private Brand as a True Consumer Brand
    To realize the full potential of Private Brands in center store, retailers must position them as true consumer brands.  Delivering value beyond price, elevating quality and driving in-store engagement will give you that competitive advantage.
  • Reimagining your Center Store Space
    With shrinking square footage, the time is now for retailers to reimagine the center store footprint. Breaking down department silos is key to maximizing the shopping experience and value of limited shelf space.

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