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What’s Next in Fresh: Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Complacency is causing fresh to fall behind the rest of the store – but actioning on these identified trends can propel your fresh departments to success in 2020 and beyond.

For the past 2 years, growth in fresh lagged behind center store growth, making it clear that the methods of old are no longer enough to succeed. Retailers who want to win in fresh must adapt to change and listen to their customers.

To help you get ahead, this report reveals 3 key trends driving change in the perimeter and the action steps retailers can take to innovate and lead. You’ll learn how:

  • Plant-based is fundamentally reshaping fresh to catalyze growth.
    Plant-based strategy at retail is currently haphazard at best despite growing significance. Investing in the industry, streamlining internal ownership and leading with Private Brand development will position you for success.
  • “Craft” sets the new standard for quality throughout fresh.
    Customers have more choices than ever and to create significance in fresh, retail must focus on the right products and experiences or face relegation to irrelevancy.
  • Opportunity knocks for foodservice – and might just save brick and mortar from the e-commerce threat.
    To win in foodservice, retail needs to establish the basics, think more like a restaurant and become easier to shop, while also establishing the right partnerships.

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