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Quarterly Private Brand Report: The In-Store Experience 2018

How do your customers feel when they arrive at your store?

Are they happy, engaged and calm? Or are they stressed out, frustrated and confused?

Our latest report will show you how to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your shoppers, starting when they walk through your doors and lasting well into their next visit. We’ll also explore how private brand can play a pivotal role in achieving your ultimate experiential goals.

Top Three Things You’ll Learn in this Free Download:

  1. Expand private brand reach.
    Best in class store loyalty is 50% among heavy private brand buyers. Progressive retailers are extending their Private Brands beyond the shelf to embrace value-added services and customer outreach.
  2. Transform the front-end.
    Shoppers told us that their #1 pain point is checkout. Read our top tips and start changing the minds of consumers.
  3. Validate private brands through your staff.
    55% of shoppers reject stores with poor employee engagement. As part of a training regimen, retailers can mobilize their associates to become knowledgeable ambassadors of private brand products.

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