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Are Your Brands on Trend for 2020 and Beyond?

Do your Private Brand products stand out on the shelf? Or do they fade into the background, simply another can, box or bottle among a sea of competitors?

In today’s retail environment, 98 percent of National Brand assortment is the same across retailers — making differentiation through Private Brands vital to your success as a retailer. And what’s on the outside of your brand packaging matters just as much as what’s inside. You could have the best Private Brand product in the marketplace, but if your design strategy is more imitation than innovation, it isn’t going to get the attention (or sales) it deserves.

To help you stay ahead of the curve, our newest report reveals the top 5 design trends impacting Private Brand for 2020 and beyond.
We’ll explore proven ways to:

  • differentiate and attract attention on-shelf
  • elevate the perception of your products and your brand
  • choose the best approach for your overall brand strategy

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