White Paper: Men on a Mission

June 11, 2014

 Understanding the New Male Grocery Shopper

The world of grocery and HBC retailing is changing rapidly, and dramatically. Longstanding ideas about shopping patterns are being upended, affecting marketing, display options, stocking choices, loyalty programs, and even hours of operation. The grocery scene has become more complex and competitive, with alternate formats ─such as mass merchandising stores and convenient superstores─ vying for shopper loyalty. And while online purchasing of grocery items is in its infancy, this segment will continue to grow quickly.

As revealed powerfully by a new Daymon Worldwide study detailing evolving grocery shopping patterns, it’s no longer enough to assume who key grocery shoppers are, their shopping patterns, or what influences them. Long-held notions of grocery merchandising are being transformed by changing demographics and evolving domestic household roles. Relying on old understanding of grocery retailing is the surest way to lose the loyalty of shoppers, market share, and your competitive edge.

Daymon’s study focused specifically on the evolving role of the male grocery shopper. Among the major findings: Men have assumed a leadership role in grocery shopping for their households, and they display several unique shopping patterns that are different from women. Further, not all men are alike in their shopping habits, with distinct segments approaching the task in very different ways.

Taking advantage of this new understanding with consumer-centric category management and innovative merchandising strategies can help protect your market share, and gain untapped advantages against the competition.


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