International Intelligence Report 2018: Reaching the Private Brand Summit

June 20, 2018

Do you know how to navigate rough terrains of the international Private Brand markets?

Each stakeholder within the retail industry perceive and interact differently with Private Brand across different countries and levels of retail maturity. Daymon International team has conducted a 360° study integrating insights from consumers, retailers and suppliers from different markets to reach a holistic understanding of the Private Brand markets across the globe.

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Local Private Brand characteristics call for a segmentation of countries

Our research has enabled us to identify five stages that Private Brand generally passes through across different geographies and retail dynamics. The similar journey shared by the countries is explained by the metaphor of the mountain with the segmentation illustrated by different camps of the climb.

The analysis is accompanied by the retailer, supplier and consumer interactions shaping the Private Brand in the respective markets through the interviews and the comprehensive surveys conducted across all stages. These up-to-date insights combined with the real case studies of high growth Private Brand markets and the pioneer retailers draw out a complete view into the industry.

This report is intended to serve as a map to help retailer and suppliers to understand where their markets are situated within the journey and how can they design winning initiatives to lead their markets and fulfill the Private Brand market potential.