Download Now: Daymon’s Private Brand Intelligence Report

January 25, 2018

Are Your Private Brands Ready for 2018? Download our State of the Industry Report Now!

Top Three Takeaways You’ll Learn From This Report:

  1. Shoppers are Buying More Private Brands. Our recent survey found that 81% of US consumers buy private brands on every or almost every shopping trip.
    Learning Opportunity: How to modernize loyalty programs with new incentives and engagement vehicles to drive Private Brand purchase.
  2. Everyone is a Value Shopper. Years ago, discount and value retailers built strategies to diversify their private brand selections. And now, they’re reaping the benefits.
    Learning Opportunity: Download the Four P’s of your Private Brand playbook and develop guidelines that will optimize performance across the store.
  3. Your Value Shoppers are looking for Private Brands to help them stay healthy. According to consumers, Fresh food is the #1 most desired enhancement to Private Brands.
    Learning Opportunity: Learn how to institute wellness initiatives that create linkage between departments – food, HBC and pharmacy – while incorporating Private Brand products and services as key pillars.