Study: Do You Have What It Takes to Build the Brand of the Future?

June 19, 2017


Download the new global study from Daymon and explore the changing consumer mindsets which are driving shopper behaviors. Meet the new era of the Shopper turned Advocate.

We surveyed 8,500 shoppers across the globe and developed a comprehensive analysis to help you understand the scope and implications of this new retail landscape. We think that what we uncovered is pretty interesting and that you will too – some of the key insights revealed include:

  • Shoppers can no longer be defined by simple demographics alone. Retailers and brands must rethink traditional views of shopper segmentation to take into account consumer values, attitudes and lifestyles.
With a zest for shopping and for life, Vocal Aficionados make it a point to share their opinions with the world.

Balanced Enthusiasts are engaged but tempered with pragmatism, and are cautious spenders.

Disengaged by financial and life circumstances, price is the primary motivator for Struggling Apathetics.

  • Digital continues to reshape the retail relationship. Retailers and brands must innovate and adapt to keep up with digital trends and consumers’ new hyper-connected mindset. Consumers seek multi-sensory experiences in all aspects of life, and shopping is no exception.
  • Stores must become a destination. As shopping moves from mere transactions to an overall lifestyle, retailers must move beyond simply using brick-and-mortar as a warehouse for products.

These significant and fundamental changes require a different way of thinking to engage the Shopper turned Advocate. To learn more about these transformational trends — and how retailers and brands can better position themselves for the future — complete the form below to receive the full comprehensive study!