How to Use Social Media to Build a Grocery Brand

January 13, 2017

FoodDIVE | January 13, 2017  – Interactions Marketing’s Retail Perceptions report, “Social Media: Invest to Impress?” discovered that shoppers can be heavily influenced by a grocery’s social media efforts. This is why more chains are investing in digital advertising and interaction. The report said that more than 75% of all shoppers expect their grocery stores to have a social media presence, and that there should be updates about deals and specials posted regularly.

In fact, more than 50% of shoppers say they are connected to their store online through Facebook or some other social media site.

According to a Food Retail Industry Speaks 2015 report, nearly 11.7% of food retail advertising budgets are dedicated to website, social media, mobile marketing and e-mail, though the majority of store budgets are trending toward social media ads.

A strong social media presence can strengthen a relationship between retailers and consumers, allowing stores to communicate with consumers on a more frequent and personal level. Playful interactions with consumers and the establishment of an online voice can lead to increased brand loyalty.

Engaging with trending topics is also very important. At this point in the new year, a larger population of consumers will be looking for ways to eat healthily. Retailers can use social media to showcase their produce selections and better-for-you fresh products, capitalizing on growing consumer health concerns and trends such as the Whole30 diet.

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