Top Ten Foodie Gifts for 2017

December 4, 2017

By Interactions Creative Director Ryan James Dee

1. Sugarfina 24K Gold Rosé All Day Bears

The gummy bear has grown up and has developed quite the sophisticated palate. These ursine confections are infused with rosé wine and gilded with edible 24K gold leaf. Aside from a diamond tennis bracelet, this may be the fanciest stocking stuffer ever.

2. Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

Craft beers and sodas are everywhere but what do you do with all of the glass bottles after you’re done? You could recycle them of course–or–with the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter you can upcycle them into drinkware.

3. eCreamery Custom Ice Cream

There are few things in life that are deeply personal, whom to marry, what to name your child, and what ice cream to eat. With eCreamery’s custom ice cream, you can take ice cream personalization to the next level by choosing the base, flavor, mix-ins, packaging, and you can even name it!

4. Gelatin Art Market Gelatin Art Starter Kit

Gram or it didn’t happen is still the rule. Up your culinary game with the Gelatin Art Starter Kit by Gelatin Art Market. In the kit is everything you’ll need to start making highly detailed flowers out of gelatin to make all of your social media followers totes jelly.

5. Kollar Chocolates California Kollar Roll

Chocolate sushi? Yes, it exists thanks to Kollar Chocolates. Before you get too concerned, it’s not chocolate covered fish, but rather artisanal chocolates crafted to look like sushi featuring such delectable ingredients as blood orange de fruit pâte, dark chocolate ganache, white chocolate wasabi ganache, and crystalized ginger.

6. New Mexico Tea Company Gongfu Cha Tea Set

Tea is not a beverage. It is an experience. And there’s no greater experience than brewing tea in the manner of gongfu cha (“making tea with skill”). Originating in China in the 18th century, this preparation relies on water chemistry (not too many minerals, not too few) and precise temperature to match the tea being brewed to best extract its essential oils. This beautiful and intricate set includes everything you need to complete your own gongfu cha tea ceremony.

7. UMAi Dry Make Your Own Artisan Meat Kit

Charcuterie has been the hallmark opener for many a chic dinner party. Take yours to the next level by curing your own artisanal meats. With this kit from UMAi Dry, you can craft Capicola, Pancetta, Lonza, Bresaola, Prosciutto, Guanciale, and more right in your refrigerator–no special equipment needed.

8. Supermechanical Range Thermometer

Ever wanted a more precise way to gauge the temperature of your meats, brews, and confections? Not only is there an app for that, there’s a smart thermometer to match. This sophisticated device measures temperatures like a conventional thermometer, but it’s connected to your Apple device to give you detailed readouts, cooking suggestions, and event remote alerts so you can multitask in the kitchen.

9. The Meatloaf Bakery Meatloaf Cupcakes

How do you improve upon a classic like meatloaf? By making it look like a cupcake of course! The Mother Loaf variety features beef, pork, veal, vegetables, herbs and spices, and each cupcake is topped with buttery Yukon Smashed Potatoes.

10. Kraut Source Fermentation Kit

Fermented foods are having a moment. With this kit by Kraut Source you’ve got the starters for making your own sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi and other fermented favorites. And just so nothing goes to waste, the packaging is compostable and the product insert is made from plantable paper embedded with thyme seeds!

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