Thank You, Daymon – From the Interns of 2017

September 1, 2017

Clockwise: Sabrina, Carlos, Jordan and Brenna

By Brenna Sandvik, Marketing & Communications Intern, Summer 2017

In today’s professional and education industries, collegiate internships are bridging the gap between in-class education and real-world experiences. Students from colleges and universities across the world are aching to achieve that coveted internship offer from the company of their dreams – or even just to receive an internship offer in and of itself. Over the course of the past several months, Daymon has fulfilled these internship experiences for a number of students across the world, including for myself. Through integrating us into the company family with education on industry-related tasks, exposure to prioritizing workflow, and experience in how to work within different contexts outside of our normal classroom environments, the internship experience has been nothing less than a growing experience for each and every intern along the way. Check out what a few of my fellow interns from across the world have to say about their time at Daymon:

  • “Interning at Omni Global Sourcing Solutions has changed my life in many ways and assured me that I picked the right major…I like the fact that I got to communicate with different kinds of people all over the world. I will take everything that I have learned and use it not only in the workplace, but throughout life.” – Sabrina Matles, Omni
  • “I have a newly gained confidence in the path I will lead in the thriving world of business. The projects I have been assigned at Omni Sourcing Solutions have left me feeling well-prepared for the journey that lies ahead. Lastly, I’ve surely learned a wide range of material, but I’ve also learned how to manage others and conduct myself properly by observing my supervisor and colleagues. Thank you for the role that you’ve played in establishing the start of my future.” – Jordan van Oyen, Omni
  • “I have learned that the most important thing in a company are people. I have learned to lead them by example, I have learned to fight for the interests of these people and I have learned to be close to them. One of the things they teach us in college is that communication is important, but I have realized in CDS that communication is everything, even between countries. I thank you for having learned so much because in other companies, here in Spain, they use interns to serve coffee.” – Carlos Rodriguez, CDS Spain

Thank you, Daymon, for such a remarkable experience full of exciting opportunities, fruitful challenges, and newly-gained confidence in shaping our career paths. Thank you for your time, your generous efforts to teach us and mold our potentials, and for your role you have played and will play in the development of our professional selves. We couldn’t feel more prepared for what’s to come because of you all!

Gratefully signed one last time,

Your #DaymonIntern

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