No Longer a Lady’s Chore! 51% of Grocery Shoppers Are Men – and They Spend Less During a Supermarket Trip Than Women

October 14, 2014 | October 14, 2014 – Grocery aisles have long been considered the domain of women shoppers – but this is no longer true.

According to a new study by marketing network Daymon Worlwide, men now make up 51per cent of the primary grocery shoppers for all U.S. households.

And of these male primary grocery shoppers, 78per cent are personally responsible for all groceries purchased for their households in a typical month.

‘In most cases, they are the sole grocery decision makers in their homes,’ stated the study, which researched 1,000 males and 750 females in the U.S.

‘Much of this can be attributed to changing roles that both men and women are assuming today.’

A greater health consciousness has also had an impact, with males being more aware than ever of healthy eating choices.

Men are also 10per cent more likely than women to go grocery shopping for a specific mission than, to say, stock up or fill in their pantry for the week.

However women are still spending more money than men ate the supermarket.

The average amount of money men spend on a single trip to the grocery store is $47.10 – $3.40 less than female shoppers.

And on average, men and women spend about $318.70 each at the supermarket per month – the highest monthly budget since 2009.

‘It is safe to say, men have assumed a leadership role in grocery shopping for their households,’ stated the study.

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