Destination Shopping Yields Loyal Customers: Interactions Study

October 12, 2017

Grocery Headquarters | October 12, 2017 –While price is the most important factor influencing consumer shopping decisions, in-store events, promotions, great service and convenience are the keys to customer loyalty, according to a new Retail Perceptions study from Interactions, a leading marketing firm under Daymon.

The study, titled “From Location to Destination Grocery,” surveyed more than 1,500 adult shoppers to find the most effective ways retailers can enhance the destination shopping experience.

“Our research has shown that retailers who can create memorable experiential destinations for their consumers will come out on top in the grocery store revolution,” says Ryan Dee, creative director at Interactions.

The four main elements driving customer loyalty include:

Products and Services, Not Loyalty Programs

Most shoppers haven’t subscribed to a loyalty program in more than three years, or don’t subscribe at all, according to the study. However, the new measure of loyalty can be found in features such as products and services.

In-Store Events and Social Media

Shoppers are flocking to retailers that provide unique experiences both online and offline. Sixty-two percent of shoppers would like to receive mobile notifications from retailers and, of those respondents, 59 percent indicated they were motivated to shop at a new grocery store because of in-store events and social media engagements.

Mobile Real Estate

When downloading a grocery mobile app on their phone, shoppers require a few specifications. The majority would like the app to include coupons and 73 percent stated that they want current pricing to be available. Additionally, shoppers want notifications of special events, product assortment, samples and recommendations from store associates.


Shoppers are drawn to more convenient options, with 87 percent utilizing in-store pickup at least once a month and 77 percent getting groceries delivered at least once a month. A significant percentage has also bypassed a grocery store because it was on an inconvenient side of the street.

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