Daymon Builds Team of Wellness Experts with 12-Month Training Course

March 23, 2017

Associates attend Natural Products Expo West in course led by natural and organics industry thought leader

STAMFORD, CT, March 23, 2017 – Global consumer retail leader and private brand pioneer Daymon is investing in its associates to build a team of Wellness experts. The Wellness Expert Training Course, led by Daymon’s recognized industry expert and thought leader Carl Jorgensen, provides unparalleled professional development for Daymon associates.

In November of 2016, 46 participants, representing all parts of the Daymon business globally, began a 12-month program designed to offer in-depth training in Wellness. The training course covers a range of topics from the perspectives of consumers, retailers and producers and includes trends and technical knowledge in organic, natural and clean-label/free-from categories.

“The Wellness category has enjoyed tremendous growth while at the same time, is experiencing rapid changes in trends, technology and regulations that require specific knowledge and expertise,” said Carl Jorgensen, director of Global Thought Leadership – Wellness and leader of the Wellness Expert Training Course. “As Daymon continues to lead this fast-paced industry, we have developed this highly-specialized training course to ensure our associates are true experts in the field.”

Jorgensen, who brings more than 30 years of experience in all phases of the organic and natural industry, including farming, global trade, marketing, sales, certification, and thought leadership, recently took participants to Expo West. The conference, which is the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products event, is one of three off-sites planned for the group. The trips align well with the course’s mission to increase education around Wellness trends and spot movements in the food and CPG industry.

“Expo serves as a great resource for identifying the latest trends in Wellness for both consumers and retailers,” continued Jorgensen. “As the natural products industry is ever-changing and increasing in popularity year-to-year, attending this conference was essential for the group.”

The training course will continue through October, and participants will log over 80 hours of training through the off-sites and nine distance learning sessions. “I’m eager to continue our work this year and am looking forward to seeing Daymon’s first class of Wellness Experts complete the course in October,” said Jorgensen.

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