Connecting Brands to the Workplace, Interactions Introduces the Brands2Desk Experience

May 11, 2017

Leader in experiential marketing rolls out a workplace promotion program to engage consumers and deliver a unique brand engagement

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Interactions, the global leader in innovative retail solutions and experiential marketing, has announced the launch of its new Brands2Desk program. Brands2Desk offers a unique marketing strategy that influences consumers in the workplace by delivering brand experiences and products right to their desks.

Brands2Desk is a program that allows brands and businesses to connect by targeting individuals while they are at the office, creating a positive impression on a captive audience undistracted by outside advertising. Brands2Desk drives product awareness and trial as well as increases sales through distribution of limited time coupon incentives that attract new customers. Through the program, employees receive a welcomed break to their workday while having the exciting opportunity to try new products, give feedback and connect with local and national brands.

Earlier this year, ice cream specialty shop Baskin-Robbins utilized the Brands2Desk program to promote their launch of a new gourmet popcorn product in select test locations; 1,700 samples and coupons were delivered and enjoyed by working consumers who indulged in a delicious break from their workday. In a brief survey that followed the program, it was found that over 62 percent of respondents expressed being either likely or extremely likely to purchase the product in the future and 84 percent of participants were likely or extremely likely to recommend the product to friends, colleagues and family members.

“Here at Interactions, we are always trying to find new and innovative ways to reach consumers where they work, shop, and play on behalf of our retailer and brand partners. We are very excited about the launch of Brands2Desk as our newest experiential strategy, focused on workplace engagement. Brands2Desk creates a turnkey solution for brands looking to drive product trial, educate consumers, introduce new store openings and promote a service or website in a very targeted and impactful way,” says Nicole LeMaire, Vice President at Interactions. “As demonstrated by our Brands2Desk activation with Baskin-Robbins, we can reach and create unique experiences for working consumers, ultimately driving purchases both online and in local store locations.”

Studies show that 86 percent of consumers share recommendations in the workplace, thus increasing sales impact and expanding the reach of a product. Through Brands2Desk, new products can successfully reach their target audience in a competitor free environment and allow brands to receive feedback and connect with their ideal consumers.

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