#AppleEvent Recap: What Retailers and Brands Need to Know

September 13, 2017

(image via CNN Tech)

September is known as a month of change for retailers and shoppers – but we’re not just talking about back-to-school season or preparing for the upcoming holidays. Apple, the technology juggernaut, holds major roll-out events at this time each year that ultimately change the way consumers use their gadgets to connect with the world around them. This includes their view of shopping – as we found out in our study over the summer, certain consumer populations are 83% more likely to use their mobile phones while shopping, and 90% are more likely to prefer stores with apps built for shopping and paying.

Yesterday’s Apple event packed a punch – everything from announcing updates to their established products like Apple Watch and Apple TV, to unveiling new products, most notably iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X (the X was referred to as the smartphone of the future, with features including Face ID and Animojis).

Here at Daymon, we watched the event with our retail and brand partners in mind, wondering how can we work together to take advantage of Apple’s latest advancements? Here are just a few suggestions:

1. Apple’s In-Store Events

Technology is wonderful, but it’s hard to replace the in-person experience, as our experiential marketing team at Interactions knows. Apple announced yesterday that any newly-built retail stores will incorporate educational experiences in a plaza-like environment, called “Town Squares.” These retail spaces will be built with collaboration in mind. In addition to a redesigned Genius Bar, all 495 Apple Stores will host educational sessions called “Today at Apple.” These classes will range in topics from photo to music to design. This is great inspiration for retailers who haven’t included in-store experiences in their marketing programs yet to start thinking about what education they can provide to their shoppers in 2018 and beyond.

2. Apple Watch: Now with Built-In Cellular

As we outlined in last month’s Retail News Insider article on wearables and their impact on the retail industry, the consumer view of health and wellness is changing from a reactive to a proactive culture. The Apple Watch, released in 2015, has been one of the major players in this space, but the exciting news that came out of the Apple Event is that the Apple Watch will now have its cord cut from the iPhone, with cellular built right in. What this means is that whether you’re a surfer, a runner or mountain climber, your Apple Watch will track data like your heart rate and steps without having to be near your phone. Retailers, take note – how can you build an Apple Watch app that will support your consumer’s need to stay on top of their health while also encouraging them to participate in your store offerings?

3. The New iPhones Are Built for Augmented Reality

We’re big on AR here at Daymon, as we’re always trying to get ahead of what’s next. Apple rolled out ARKit earlier this year, and yesterday announced that their new iPhones are all designed from the ground up to be AR-ready. Their new phone cameras are calibrated for AR, are designed to handle low-light and 60 fps video, and are tightly tuned for motion tracking. For retailers, you may want to think about advancing your current mobile app to support this new wave of iPhone users, who will be primed to experience their shopping trips in a whole new way.

What else from the Apple Event are you excited to incorporate into your digital strategy? What do you think your shoppers will want to see? If you’re interested in working with Daymon directly, contact us here.