Recap: Daymon’s Wellness Expert Training Course

November 3, 2017

By Ryan Dee

Thanks to a year-long Wellness Expert Training Course led by Daymon’s own Carl Jorgensen, Director of Thought Leadership – Wellness, there are now 43 more wellness experts among Daymon’s ranks– and I’m happy to count myself among them!

The course began last October and concluded this month. In that time, we covered the following topics:

  • The organic and natural category
  • The organic and natural consumer
  • Clean label and free from
  • Nutrient-dense superfoods
  • Non-GMO
  • Trends in organic and natural
  • Ingredients
  • Organic trade
  • Organic certifications
  • Sustainability

The final class on sustainability served as a capstone recalling pieces of prior classes, as well as a field trip to the Rodale Institute to see the advancements in organic farming first hand.

So why did these Daymon associates commit to spending a year learning about wellness? For some, it was for personal benefit, but for the majority of the class it was to better serve our customers by bringing them the latest in what is happening in the world of natural and organic products.

For me, it was a bit of both, but also how we could take this information and turn it into meaningful, engaging experiences for our partners’ shoppers and consumers. And throughout the year, Interactions has done that with activations such as in-store smoothie bars and chef’s table experiences that invite shoppers to make their own natural and organic meals such as fresh spring rolls.

Beyond the excellent curriculum Carl prepared for us, the course had an additional benefit of bringing together a diverse group of Daymon associates from around the world whom might have not met and interacted otherwise. We learned a great deal from each other and even helped ideate and problem solve as we shared our unique business opportunities in wellness.

In the spirit of renewability, upon graduation, Carl invited each of us to help with the incoming class by leading sections of the upcoming sessions–ensuring our expertise will continue to grow.

But don’t just take it from me! Here’s what my other classmates had to say:

  • “With the 12-month wellness expert program, including nine online classes and three on-site sessions, our team now has a clearer understanding of organic, natural, non-GMO, nutrient dense, superfoods and ancient grains, etc. It was so beneficial – this knowledge strongly relates to our business, our customers and our own personal lives.” – Robert Liu, CDS Taiwan Operations Manager
  • “From a business perspective, the information I can share with suppliers as well as use to vet new suppliers has been invaluable.  Although the information continues to change, it is a good opportunity to have with suppliers about how they remain relevant in the future to consumers.  I will continue to research and learn about the different initiatives as I feel it is the future of how we will provide value to all of our partners – especially in fresh.” – Michelle Tonner, Director of Supplier Management for Fresh Foods
  • “I saw things I that I didn’t think possible under traditional production methods and I learned that despite some high-handed opinions, Organic and other well-regarded certifications are not just fluff words to squeeze a few more dollars out of the consumer. They are legitimate and powerful things that will change the face of not only grocery but agriculture, production and other large-scale industries. This course changed my perspective, educated me on subjects I thought I understood and made me a better asset for not just my team but our client.” – Chris Lovekin, Retail Odyssey Program Coordinator
  • “The training allowed participants to gain a 360-degree view of the Health and Wellness world, by providing key insightful market data and trends, enriched by the sheer knowledge that Carl brings to each session, and fostered by active knowledge sharing within an enthusiastic group of individuals.” – Sergio Rodrigues, Senior Manager Business Development – Europe

We look forward to continuing our health and wellness journeys. Want to know more? Contact us now at