Daymon Worldwide Receives 2015 Healthy Workplace Recognition

February 17, 2015

STAMFORD, Conn., Feb. 17, 2015 – Stamford-based global consumables retailing leader Daymon Worldwide was recognized for the 3rd consecutive year as a “Healthy Workplace Employer”  in the Platinum category by the Business Council of Fairfield for its commitment to offering its employees a robust suite of wellness opportunities.

Presented by the Business Council’s Wellness Roundtable with the support of First Niagara Risk Management Services Inc. and United Healthcare of CT, Inc., the Healthy Workplace Employer Recognition Program applauds the efforts of area employers who have implemented a diverse range of wellness-focused programs for their employees.

“We’re very honored by this award as reinforcement that our priority on health and wellness for our employees is meeting our goals for excellence,” said Corri Schenck, Daymon Worldwide’s Director of Global Benefits and Mobility. “At Daymon Worldwide, our associates come first. We feel we owe them our commitment to their well being now and in the future.”

According to Schenck, Daymon’s wellness program is focused on providing the right access, tools and support to help manage and maintain the health of associates and their family members.

“Each year, our goal is to increase preventative care participation, improve health status and enhance the lives of all of our associates by helping them to get healthy,” said Schenck. “From supporting preventative care and health coaching to offering chronic disease management and financial incentives for associates who participate in wellness programs, we continue to ensure all of our associate members have access to effective, meaningful wellness programs.”

About Daymon Worldwide
Daymon Worldwide is the global leader in consumables retailing. Through our renowned industry expertise in Private Brand building, experiential consumer marketing and innovative retail-driven services, we currently collaborate with more than 100 major retailers and nearly 6,000 manufacturers in 50 countries. Daymon teams work directly with the world’s leading suppliers and retailers to create and market ownable, differentiated brands in the marketplace that deliver exceptional value, drive consumer loyalty and profitable sales growth, and improve people’s lives.