Our History

Our heritage is deeply rooted in Private Brands. In the 1970’s when private label products were viewed as low priced, cheap quality, undifferentiated alternatives to the leading brands, our founders had the vision and foresight to form a company of highly trained and innovative entrepreneurs, dedicated to transforming private label into a strategic pillar for retailers, while driving the transformation of private labels into brands.

Today, the question of “What’s next in Retail?” is as synonymous with Daymon Worldwide as our private brands legacy. We are known for our proven success in helping our partners meet their strategic business objectives, while using their private brands to achieve a competitive point of difference. Our more than forty-five years of global retail solution partnerships, with more than 100 leading retailers and a supplier network of 6,000 companies, has produced more than 1,700 brands and 165,000 products across 14 channels of trade.

  • 2015

    September 1 – Jim Holbrook appointed chief executive officer of Daymon Worldwide

  • 2013

    Wilson Zhu joins the Board of Director
    Board member Ron Daitz is appointed Non-Executive Chairman

    Founder Milt Sender inducted into Store Brands Magazine’s Private Label Hall of Fame
    President and CEO Carla Cooper receives the Women’s Foodservice Forum Trailblazer Award

    Daymon Worldwide combines Daymon Global Marketing with Daymon Design and its 30 years of branding and design services to create Galileo Global Branding Group.

  • 2012

    August 22 Daymon Worldwide Specialty Brand division is launched. The division’s first venture is a partnership with the iconic book publisher Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, to introduce a line of comfort foods under the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” name.

    May 22  Daymon unveiled the launch of the world’s first Private Brand mobile app.

    May 15  – Daymon Global Logistics, a new transportation management and logistics support solution, is formed.

    May 1  – Daymon Worldwide partners with Hartman Group for Comprehensive Research Study into Global Food Culture Shifts.


  • 2011

    January 1 – Carla Cooper takes the helm as only the second CEO in the company’s forty year history and the first woman President and CEO of the company.

  • 2010

    Daymon acquires SAS Retail Merchandising Services.

  • 2009

    Caliber is formed with the purpose of strengthening our retailers’ execution and the customer connection on the path to purchase.

  • 2005

    Daymon has over 100 customers and 5,000 supplier partners globally.

  • 1994

    A new corporate location in Stamford, Connecticut is secured as the partners last collective business deal.  Shortly thereafter, following a courageous four-year battle with a very rare form of cancer, Peter Schwartz passed away.

  • 1993

    Daymon International launched with its first customer in South Africa.

  • 1992


    Peter Brennan elected President and Officer of the company.

  • 1988

    Club Demonstration Services was formed, which today, as Daymon Interactions, is the largest consumer experience marketing company in the retail business in the U.S., Mexico, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

  • 1984

    Food Marketing Group is formed  to provide trading and arbitrage on national branded products for Daymon customers.

  • 1976

    The partners ventured into label procurement and package design with the formation of C&M Marketing (now Daymon Design).

  • 1970

    On July 5, 1970 Peter Damon Schwartz and Milt Sender shook hands on a partnership that produced Daymon Associates, Inc. in New York City.