IMG_1444_CroppedIt’s hard to get noticed in the dog-eat-dog business world, and that was especially true for the manufacturer of “Petchup,” a tasty and nutritious flavoring sauce for dry pet food. When Paul Kim, Daymon/Omni business development manager, found out about the product, he identified South Korea as a potential market that Petchup Inc. hadn’t considered

Paul quickly developed a market entry strategy to make this happen – and a small quantity of product was provided to Ebay Korea. Immediately customers took to social media to praise “Petchup” for helping their pets regain their appetites. Within weeks, “Petchup” sauces were the top sellers in the category! Petchup Inc.’s business in Korea continues to expand dramatically and, says Anthony Williams CEO, “Daymon was the primary reason.” That’s no shaggy-dog story.




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