Daymon’s retail experts are focused on addressing the big business implications for our customers every day. Here are a few examples of the ways in which our innovative thinkers are delivering customized solutions to meet marketplace needs, and drive success.



A major retailer needed to analyze and interpret its “Big Data” to ensure it was making fact-based decisions for future negotiations, but lacked the analytics capability in-house.
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Recently, CJ Foods, a U.S.-based vendor, needed to introduce items in Mexico for the first time. Daymon Sales Manager MARIANA MANZANO proposed a series of in-store events to take place over three consecutive days featuring three different products.
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Daymon Speed to Shelf


Maria Rodriguez from Daymon Worldwide received a phone call from a retail buyer looking for general merchandise concepts to complement a new food theme they were launching.
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It’s hard to get noticed in the dog-eat-dog business world, and that was especially true for the manufacturer of “Petchup,” a tasty and nutritious flavoring sauce for dry pet food.
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