Daymon Alumni Network

The Daymon Alumni Network (DAN) is an online and real-world community composed of professionals who spent part or all of their career working for Daymon Worldwide or any of its affiliated companies.

Why is the company behind this initiative?
Like many successful companies, Daymon has increasingly recognized the value of maintaining a relationship with former associates. These professionals can be a great resource for new talent and business leads, and can also be outstanding brand ambassadors for Daymon in the industry.

What are the benefits to joining the alumni network?
There are several benefits. These include:

  • Networking with friends and former colleagues
  • Access to Daymon’s Employee Discount Program
  • Invitation to an annual company-sponsored reunion
  • Preferential consideration for new job openings for re-hire eligible alumni and their family members
  • Access to Daymon’s online education programs through Daymon University
  • Eligibility to apply for higher education awards for alumni children
  • Regular updates on company news and people
  • Sustaining and supporting each other and Daymon’s reputation in the marketplace

Join the Daymon Alumni Network on LinkedIn for information about activities, updates on alumni benefits, and other important communications. The communication hub for the network is the LinkedIn group, Daymon Alumni Network. Members of the LinkedIn group will receive regular communications from the company and from other members. Members can also post their own updates to share with other Daymon alumni.

Preferential Consideration:
Re-hire eligible alumni and their family members are eligible for preferential consideration for full-time job openings at Daymon provided that they meet the minimum standards of education and experience required for the position.

When filling out an online job application with Daymon, be sure to check the box self-identifying as a former Daymon associate, or family member of a former Daymon associate.

While we are not able to guarantee interviews in all scenarios, and ultimately the most qualified candidates will be selected, we are committed to ensuring our hiring teams are aware of the interest and connection to Daymon.

Visit our careers site to view all open positions.

Discount Program:
As a member of the Daymon Alumni Network, you have access to discount programs! YouDecide’s friends and family web portal is your single destination for a wide variety of discounted products and services. These are deals and discounts that you typically won’t get directly from providers and retailers, that we are happy to offer our alumni friends. You can save time and money on the purchase of your next car, take advantage of hotel and restaurant discounts, and much more!

To access, simply click on the following URL and create your registration using the “Not Yet A Member” feature:

Learning with
Interested in sharpening your skills? Members of the Daymon Alumni Network have the opportunity to learn with This site offers thousands of e-learning courses for topics including business skills, leadership development, marketing and branding, sales, customer service, software tutorials, and more! The courses are taught by industry experts and are designed for all learning levels. Access to is available at any time, and content can be downloaded and viewed on mobile devices.

If you are interested in setting up an account, please fill out the following form:

Once you have filled out the form, information will be sent to our IT team so they can assign you an @DaymonAlumni email address, which is required for login. Information for accessing your new email and will be provided. Please be patient, as this process will take about two weeks.