Daymon Solar Panels
From Packaging Design to energy efficient buildings, to support for environmental causes, Daymon Worldwide take its commitment to sustainability seriously.  For example, in 2008, a 350 Kilowatt solar panel system comprised of 2,000 panels, each generating roughly 75 watts, was installed at our corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.  This eco-friendly, cost saving installation has helped us to further reduce our carbon footprint, generating roughly 20% of our company’s annual power supply.  Scheduled building updates also allowed Daymon another opportunity to support our sustainability commitment.  Restrooms are now equipped with water efficient fixtures, and hand towels have been replaced with XLERATOR® air hand dryers.  This environmentally friendly, energy efficient, hygienic dryer system is highly rated by the Green Building Council, and also represents a 95% savings over the use of paper towels.