People. Passion. Performance.


At Daymon Worldwide, it’s these three words that sum up our culture.

Our values represent the guiding philosophy of how we do business at Daymon.  They are the foundation for all that we do, reflecting both our heritage as well as our path into the future.  Our values drive a set of behaviors that are the cornerstones of the Daymon culture and that are the secret to our success.  Some highlights:

  • At Daymon, we believe everyone should be treated respectfully and courteously. We treat our associates and our partners with respect, fairness and integrity.
  • We strive to build a friendly, fun and welcoming environment. We celebrate and embrace diversity and inclusion, and honor each person’s individuality.
  • We encourage associates to share ideas.  We keep an open mind and consider other viewpoints.
  • Leaders can be found at all levels of our organization.  Attitudes and actions are more powerful than words, but Daymon leaders give credit where credit is due.
  • We believe in what we’re doing and where we’re going as a company, and accept personal accountability for our own actions and results.
  • We are not afraid to think differently, challenge the status quo and embrace intelligent risk taking. Our success depends on our ability to adapt, move quickly and innovate constantly.
  • Ethics, integrity and honesty  always come first.
  • We care about the well being of our Daymon family and are always willing to offer assistance.
  • We think and act like industry leaders.  We collaborate with our global industry and leverage diverse interests skills and experiences to meet the needs of our partners.
  • We strive to establish strong relationships with our customers to deliver value to our business.
  • We do our homework, concentrate on the priorities that have the greatest impact, and make a personal commitment to continuous change.   We look to creative solutions and new ways to deliver results.