Daymon’s informal Mentoring Program promotes the professional development of individuals while fostering a trusting, supportive, confidential and low-risk relationship. Together, the Mentee and Mentor explore new ways of working and relating to each other’s experiences.

Theirs is also a relationship in which both parties will learn from mistakes, gain insights, accept challenges, and through it all, gain knowledge with and from each other. The Mentoring process at Daymon can help guide a Mentee through the critical developmental process as well as career transitions that are a part of learning to be an effective, reflective professional and a lifelong learner.

The Mentorship Program at Daymon is run on a volunteer basis and pairs Mentees with experienced associates to provide a supportive structure in which Mentees can cultivate contacts, explore challenges, and enhance effectiveness, as they design their personal growth and career paths at Daymon. The program also provides the opportunity to gather information, develop peer support, gain management skills and better understand Daymon’s culture.

Mentoring at Daymon is associate-driven; each associate “owns” the process for him/herself. This means that the sky is the limit; you glean from the experience as much as you put in: choose your mentor and the competency areas you would like to expand upon, and you’re on your way to fine tuning skills that can significantly boost a successful career trajectory.

A Mentee at Daymon Worldwide is:

Any associate who is interested in developing a Mentor-Mentee relationship. Typically, this individual is interested in furthering her/his career development, receiving guidance, building a network of professional contacts within Daymon, learning how to navigate through the organization and learning new skills from an experienced Mentor.

A Mentor at Daymon is:

An experienced professional who is interested in helping an associate thrive within Daymon and is regarded by his or her business unit as a role model, who has the ability to encourage and motivate others, is willing to share his or her knowledge and experiences and is respectful of others.