Associate Classes

Daymon University offers classes to help our associates deliver value, insight and knowledge to our Customers, Supplier Partners and Ourselves. Following are a few examples of the many Daymon Universtiy programs offered to our Associates.

100 Level

DU 101- Daymon On-Boarding
This interactive, on-the-job training program helps new associates quickly become familiar with Daymon’s culture and business, the services we provide to our constituents, the operation of each company and department within Daymon and their role in creating success for our Suppliers, Customers and fellow associates.

DU 121- Daymon Business Management
This program will aid associates in the day-to-day skills needed to perform the various business management objectives at Daymon Worldwide. This includes instruction on best practices for communicating effectively, category planning, product development, promotions and developing collaborative relationships with our Customer and Supplier Partners.


200 Level

DU 202- Managing Others
This course provides participants with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage direct reports. The focus of the course will be on building proficiencies around making the right hiring decisions, ensuring accurate submittal of pertinent paperwork, building goals, objectives and developmental plans and guiding an associate’s performance through positive and constructive coaching.

DU 203- Business Communication Skills
This program focuses on the foundation of establishing good communication skills, including planning, organizing and delivering more effective communication for face-to-face meetings.

DU 204- SalesAbility
This class assists associates in the development of their selling skills. The instruction includes information on building relationships, planning the sales call, identifying priorities, relating and reinforcing benefits, obtaining feedback and gaining commitment.

 DU 264 – Consumer Panel Workshop

This class is an all-inclusive, intensive three-day program focused on the understanding and application of Nielsen Consumer Panel Data to identify and resolve key business issues. The course will cover all facets of leveraging panel data, and attendees will benefit from hands-on instruction and real-time feedback from instructors. Participants have the experience of analyzing and pulling information, collaborate on a category management case study, and participate in a variety of outside course work.


300 Level

DU 301 – Communication Excellence
This program is an advanced program for accomplished presenters who wish to become even more creative and persuasive. It uses a combination of proven methodologies and acting techniques to achieve exceptional presentation performance while maximizing individual presenter’s strengths and personality.


This course is focused on building lasting, strategic relationships with customers moving from commodity vendor to joint venture business partners. Participants will learn to manage large accounts as a whole and not as a disconnected sale by using personal strengths and opportunities to capitalize on market trends, decrease the importance of price sensitivity, identify and implement essential support programs for customers, establish hard-number revenue targets, write account action plans that deliver measurable results, and position themselves effectively with senior stakeholders at their customer.

DU 305 – Conceptual Selling

This advance program focuses on the key concepts in selling by leveraging a unique questioning process to secure missing information to better understand the customer’s decision-making process. Participants will learn how to identify why a customers won’t commit and develop the skills to address commitment issues, distinguish between and objection and a basic issue and learn how to overcome these situations, define realistic expectations for sales call outcome and establish a high degree of credibility with customers by displaying a high level of confidence with senior executives.

DU 306 – Strategic Selling

This advance program will help participants identify and convert sales opportunities to closed business and will help participants discover the full sales opportunity with their customer. Participants will review a process that will help them assess what they know about their customer, uncover missing information, and become influential in developing a winning solution. This no-guesswork process will work with your own current customers to create concrete strategies for achieving objectives, including action plans complete with timetables.

DU 321- Discovering the Power of Private Brand Category Planning

This course focuses on the key components necessary for developing an effective Private Brand category plan. Participants will learn marketing and category planning concepts and processes with special emphasis placed on Private Brand and integrating the consumer into the processes.

DU 323 – Immersion in Daymon Fundamentals

This intensive program is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive education in Daymon fundamentals. Participants will learn about the concepts of sales culture, the Daymon Diagnostic and the Daymon Value Proposition. They will also receive a deep understanding of the varied Daymon service offerings and trends in the retail, private brands and supplier segments impacting their business. This is designed to drive increased business acumen and enhance each participant’s ability to articulate the Daymon Value Proposition and their effectiveness with customers and suppliers.